When Was The Last Time You Were Surprised and Delighted?


One Christmas when I was a very little girl, my mother came into the room I shared with my brother with her hands behind her back. “Do you want to see something special?” She asked.

It was very dark in the room and she hadn’t turned the lights on, so our eyes were wide, and we both nodded in silence.

It was rare to have my mother come in and not turn on a light, and even more rare to have her ask us a question rather than hushing us to sleep.

When she was satisfied we really wanted to see what she had, she withdrew her arms from behind her back and extended her hands towards us. One close to my brother’s wide eyes, and one towards my own.

Then she unfolded her fingers to reveal a tiny illuminated angel sitting on each outstretched hand. We both caught our breath from the beauty and wonder of that moment. My mother’s smiling face lit up behind each tiny angel she held out for us to see.

“These angels are to watch over you while you sleep.” She whispered.

This memory is dear to me for lots of reasons and I share it with you to ask – when was the last time you were surprised and delighted? Christmas time lends itself to these kinds of moments – and maybe even more important for us as adults, when was the last time we did something to surprise and delight those we serve?

Remember, sometimes it’s the tiniest things that make the biggest impact.

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I adore you!

Shawna Schuh, CSP

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