Position yourself as the top player
in the pet space that you know you are.

You know when your girlfriend is glowing and you ask her, “What’s going on with you?” And she tells you EVERYTHING?
That’s what girls do for each other, or fab girls, not mean girls. They share, they commiserate, they help, they support, they let you borrow,
they give and being around them makes you better, stronger, healthy and richer in every way.
That’s what WIPIN is – a big network of FAB GIRLs you can tap, learn from, adore, love, be inspired by
and basically get the kind of glow where others ask you, “What’s going on with you?”

Your answer is: “Women in the Pet Industry Network! It’s where I go to glow and grow, give and connect! You MUST join!”

Listen up girlfriend – JOIN This Network NOW!

Helping Pet Leaders
By your customers and clients as the
leader you know you are.

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