Weekly – “So Many Great Leadership Tips it’s CRAZY” – Leadership Interview with Kevin Fick, Worldwise, Inc.

Kevin Fick Shares Transparently! When we embarked on the leadership interview series, I knew I would learn a lot, I figured the leaders would confirm things that you and I know, and yet, I didn’t realize how truly amazing it is to hear things in new ways. Watch this leadership interview with the CEO of […]

Weekly – Is Your Fixation Stealing From YOU? Interview with Pet Industry Woman of the Year, Lorien Clemens

Like a Dog to a Bone! Lorien Clemens, if you know her, and if you don’t you’re missing out, is a force to be reckoned with. The 2014 Pet Industry Woman of the Year is brimming with great thinking! Committed to being, and doing better. She is a living example of how lessons learned and […]

Weekly – Are You Ready to Mow Down the Grass?

Uncontrollable Growth Can Do Damage When you live on 20 rural acres in the Willamette Valley of Oregon the grass, and brush, and trees, flowers, weeds, grows fast. It’s an explosion of growth, most of which is green and it’s vibrant and beautiful and a huge job to mow.Getting ready for this growth, like your […]

Weekly – May Be, May Be Not

This is the Month for Maybes May – Mother’s day, my mothers birthday, Mayday. Did you know that the term “Mayday, Mayday, Mayday!” is a distress call and as the idea of a man named Frederick Mockford, he came up with the idea for “mayday” because it sounded like the French word for máider, which […]

Weekly – An Interview with an Icon

Have you ever been so excited to meet someone that you could barely contain yourself? That’s how I feel about Laura “Peach” Reid. I stumbled upon her by reading the trades and realizing that she was being given honor after honor, so I actually spoke to her over the phone. She was gracious and encouraging […]

Weekly – Are You in Command of Yourself?

To Give an Authoritative Order As a pet lover, I give my pets commands. Sit, Stay, Whoa, slow, things I want to happen when I’m with them. It works too – especially when I’m consistent in my asking/commanding. Do we do this for ourselves? The definition of command is to give an authoritative order. An […]

Weekly – Leadership Lessons from Pet Leaders

Global Pet Expo Insights When you connect and interact with leaders, a smart idea is to have some questions to ask them. Let’s face it, they are in the “know” and they are living it so why not find out how they do it or what they have learned along the way? At Global Pet […]

Weekly – Do you have the right intention for a live event?

As you read this I’m in Orlando, Florida for the Global Pet Expo – put on by the American Pet Products Association and it’s a big deal for sure, especially for those manufacturers and suppliers to the professionals that provide products for pet lovers. I have a very clear intent. This is imperative for anyone […]

Weekly – Everyone Says They Are…

Of Course I Listen! “You never listen!” is a phrase you may have had someone say to you, or more likely, you’ve said to someone. We want people to listen to us. We want to be heard, seen, understood. And yet, and yet – it doesn’t happen all that often. And maybe, usually, it’s because […]

Weekly – Are you looking or seeing?

What is the point of having a good view? I live on a hill. It looks out over a small valley that holds many trees, brush, blackberry bushes that creep and a winding gravel road that leads to the barn and onto the main road that takes me into town. I also have large picture […]