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How blessed are we?

4th of July – if you’re reading this on the 4th – I hope you have already experienced some Americana or are about to.

For me and friends, we have gotten up early, loaded the ice chest and travel chairs and have or are experiencing a true small town 4th of July parade. Complete with rodeo queens and their courts, horses of all shapes and colors, hot rod rigs and every service club in the area with kids and farm animals and flags galore! My eyes are tearing up thinking about it.

This is an opportunity to actually see humanity in its glory and joy. Who doesn’t love a parade?

Kids, animals, moms carrying water and old men driving tractors and cars and horses with princesses and vaqueros and old fire trucks and candy raining down from every flatbed truck pulling a float,duct-taped together because it’ll hold for the hour needed.

Is your business a part of a parade?

Here are a couple of thoughts about why being in a parade may be a smart marketing strategy for you.

  1. If you’re in the pet industry, showing dogs, horses, goats, cats? In your colors or with logo bandanas or logo wear is not only entertaining (you really never know what a pet will do) but also a great way for people in your community to either learn about you or appreciate that you are doing something as part of the community.
  2. It gives you something to talk about – to all your customers, in social media and as an invite to connect there, be a part of it AND/OR to follow up with them afterward with photos.
  3. You can give – something to keep as a memory – or a coupon flyer to use afterward – these are people in the mood to support, cheer and adore you just because you took the time to be in a parade.

After the parade, we wander through the western art exhibit, eat the Catholic Parish Chicken Dinner and get our seats for the rodeo as the riders come in to warm up, which is a show all in itself!

Usually, it’s hot, dusty, filled with smells of cotton candy, popcorn and sweating animals and humans all celebrating the fact we are Americans, we are free to do, think, be and excel in any endeavor we choose.

What a wonderful day.

If you aren’t attending a parade, can you? And if you aren’t participating in one, why not put that on your marketing calendar for 2019?

Note: Speaking of Calendars – Text the word ‘Calendar’ to 444-999 to get our gift to you:

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Shawna Schuh, CSP
“Women Igniting Leadership!”

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The Weekly – Why Sponsor an Event?

Is there any Roi to sponsoring an event?

Sponsorship has been on my mind lately.

Of course with Super Zoo coming at us like a freight train and with our amazing sponsors on board, I began to wonder why they said yes to sponsoring the WIPIN reception and why others said no. What, exactly is the benefit of sponsoring something?

In full disclosure, we didn’t ask you, nor our members generally, it was more specific this year, but I’ll get to that.

The Better Business Bureau lists 5 main benefits of sponsoring an event…

The top reason is – To Increase Brand Awareness –

This makes sense when you think about it. We no longer see the COKE logo on things because it’s already sunk into our consciousness, and so, it’s familiar, normal, right. And it’s there, always there. We might not notice if it went away (for awhile) and then the brand would fade also.

How much is that worth? What do you think Coke thinks?

Here is where I ask you, Coach that I am, what are you thinking right now? If your answer is, “My brand is not Coke” you are missing a key point. It doesn’t matter how big or small you are, it’s being in front of YOUR audience.

Here is the info from The Better Business Bureau:

Raise brand awareness: This goes without saying. Businesses sponsor events because it puts their brand in the spotlight for the event. It may not mean a financial gain for the company but it certainly puts the brand in front of people. It creates positive PR and raises awareness of the organization as a whole and enhances brand credibility.

Notice that it states: This may not mean a financial gain. One thing I have learned is that when we equate everything with the idea that it must bring a financial gain, we miss out.

Rarely do you gain at the moment, even when you make a sale. The gain is in the long term, in the reputational capital you gain, in the relationships and relational capital and when someone decides to be loyal to you by continually doing business with you. This is the goal.

Here is another reason to sponsor from the BBB:

Emotional connection: People often spend with their heart. Making an emotional connection to purchases builds brand loyalty. Seeing your brand connected to nonprofit drives this connection for consumers. Quite simply, it shows your brand cares enough to get involved at the community level. Your brand becomes more appealing.

The Brands sponsoring the WIPIN reception this year all have a commitment to supporting women leaders in the pet industry. (So check them out!) They are stating with their sponsorship that what we are doing is important, that they want to make certain women are giving the same opportunities and they know doing things to help the pet space helps them.

Now on to why I didn’t ask you, or our members in general. Women in The Pet Industry Network is morphing. We have been at this awhile now and it’s time this network, and me, shifted the focus a bit. Play bigger, realize that to help you more we need to be different, better.

If you are curious or want to be a part of the metamorphosis, email me, this is an exciting time and though we’re not in a hurry, it is happening.

Please check out our sponsors, and if you are attending the reception, please thank them, spread the word about them and realize, it’s a smart and savvy business philosophy. So what will you sponsor?

Shawna Schuh, CSP
“Make It Magnificent!”

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The Weekly – The Pet Event Success Process

Super Excited About Super Zoo?

I’ve been thinking about Super Zoo – The huge expo that the World Pet Association hosts every summer in Vegas. Summer in Vegas? I know, but air conditioning is a pleasure, isn’t it?

Women in the Pet Industry Network hosts (along with amazing sponsors) a reception that has been hugely popular with our members and everyone else who attends!

And what is hugely popular and how can you use a networking event to your advantage?

First, Hugely Popular (to myself and WIPIN) is having the right people in the same room so they can connect for mutual benefit. The fact we have several hundred people attend may make it appear to be a huge success, however the real success is when people actually connect rather than simply attend.

Next – The reception WIPIN holds (and all receptions) are only successful for YOU when you attend them with the right intent.

If you are thinking to yourself right now, “I go to meet people of course” You may benefit the most from this post.

Meeting people is really a surface goal – though a good start. If you only intend to meet people you may put yourself out more than usual by engaging in more conversations.

What I mean by intent is that you are more focused on going deep versus going wide.

Going wide – meet as many people as I can, give them my card, get theirs and see what opportunities present themselves to help me.

Going deep – Determine what kind of person would be most interesting or beneficial to know and develop a relationship with.

Then: Decide to open myself up to observe, maybe do a little discovery on who is attending Super Zoo that I would love to help (What? Think about doing something for someone first? – Fantastic strategy)

Next: Open myself up to be present and ask questions of others way more than talk about myself.

Right there in those three steps you have the going deep process. Of course there are more variables, there are thinking and position strategies, however the shift right at the start from meeting many to connecting with the right people is HUGE.

In this post, we will also introduce you to some of the sponsors – and they are over the top amazing and connected – so another strategy is getting to know them well, after all, they are stepping up in a huge way to serve you!

Hoping to connect with you at this year’s Super Zoo!

Shawna Schuh, CSP
“Make It Magnificent!”

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Will you be speaking, exhibiting or attending?

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The Weekly – Is Crazy Busy Crazy?

What is your speed? 

Hopefully, you do not suffer from this.

I was standing over the sink, devouring a grapefruit while listening to an audiobook on high speed (Yes, you can do that) on of all topics: Meditation for Fidgety Skeptics when it occurred to me that this was a ridiculous way to behave.

I will give myself kudos for actually realizing the irony of the situation of listening to something to help me with centeredness, mindfulness, and calmness on high speed while standing over the sink to eat. Sigh.

Do you find yourself in a crazy busy mode?  Want some tips on helping yourself?

First – there is much written about this online (no surprise) and it seems it’s now a part of our collective consciousness. Being busy is somehow the way we esteem ourselves and our self-worth. I was actually taken aback by that, do I do that? Define myself around my “Busyness”?

Maybe, and maybe you do too, so how do we shift this for ourselves and our businesses? I mean, does being crazy busy EVER make others feel safe and happy in our presence?

Here are some tips to help you so that your customers feel valued.

  1. Never mention your busyness, your overwhelm or your schedule.  – First, the only one who cares about these things is you, second, it makes you look less than professional or organized and most importantly, there is no value to the share. What to do instead? Ask them about them. That’s what they are most interested in anyway.
  2. Slow down. The most challenging tip for me. I move fast, think fast, drive fast and now realize, eat fast. To what end? When a person slows down enough to savor, there is more enjoyment to life, travel, and relationships. This is now a daily goal: Slower so to Savor. I like the way that sounds, how about you?
  3. Meditate. I know, who has time, right? Wrong. In listening to that book on meditation and others (I want this practice!) I am realizing how vital it is to be more aware, more centered and more in touch with who I am becoming. Many times crazy busy is a guise we use to keep others away. Not great for business or life.

Okay, do I still tend to frantically race around at certain times in the day? Less now, because I am becoming more aware and in that awareness, I can shift. My goal in writing this post and in all my writing is to help you become more aware also.

Awareness is the first step in improvement. Please use these tips and let me know how it’s going for you – Maybe we should form the Calm Club for all of those of us that suffer (and that is the right word for it) from the Crazy Busy.

Blessings, Shawna

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