The Weekly – Dogs in Need Eat Free While We Drink Free! Yippee!

Mission Driven Means Good Business

Tonight is the Women in the Pet Industry Network reception at Super Zoo. Hope you’re reading this on your phone while strutting the aisles of Superzoo! If not, shut your eyes and envision booths of pet products as far as the eye can see. No joking on this and what shoes you wear is one of the top things on your mind by the second day!

The mission of Women in the Pet Industry Network is simple and has evolved.

We are all about Women Igniting Leadership. For themselves, for other women and for the industry as a whole. These are exciting times and we will have the honor of hearing from the very first female CEO of World Pet Association and Superzoo host Jacinthe Moreau for a very short share as well as co-founder of Dog is Good and current Pet Industry Woman of the Year, Gila Kurtz.

Super exciting and we will be live streaming from WIPIN’s Public Facebook Page, so go there to watch.

Note: The reception starts at 5 PM!

Wednesday, June 27, 2018 5pm – 8pm
Mandalay Bay Resort, Las Vegas 
South Pacific AB Room, North Convention Centre

I mention our mission and I’m going to share the missions of our sponsors so you can revisit your mission.

My mission you think? – Where is your mission? Do you review it? Does your team know it?

One of the most compelling things you can do for your business is know and communicate your WHY – Why are you even in business? Why did you decide the pet industry? Why does your product or service matter?

In the world we are doing business in, knowing your why, your mission and communicating that is good business.

To help you and allow you to know our fabulous sponsors better, here are their words from their sites.

Mission of DogForDog

Here’s how it works: You Buy. We Donate. They Eat! Our food has been sold in over 15,000 stores nationwide. To date, we have donated over 2,000,000 lbs of dog food to shelters. We’ve also created a line of toys that dogs love! With each toy purchase, we donate a meal to a dog in need!

NOTE: DogforDog has drink tickets for the first arrivals at the reception! These folks are givers!

Mission of The Pet Care Innovation Prize

Launched in 2016, the Pet Care Innovation Prize is a competition to support and connect innovative early-stage companies that have products and/or services already in market. The PCIP is powered by a global leader in pet care – Nestlé Purina PetCare.

NOTE: PCIP is taking applications NOW for the upcoming prize – it’s an awesome honor and besides all the cash awarded, the companies selected get a bootcamp in St. Louis all around their business – priceless!

Mission of Pets+ Magazine

Pets+ magazine shares ideas and inspiration.
We are the pet industry’s newest publication and an essential resource for independent pet retailers and service providers.

NOTE: This magazine has everyone talking! Fresh and innovative – make sure you subscribe!

After compiling these and knowing all of these companies also support Women Igniting Leadership, it’s exciting that we can come together tonight for good things.

Hope to see you there!

Shawna Schuh, CSP
“Women Igniting Leadership!”

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The Weekly – Why Sponsor an Event?

Is there any Roi to sponsoring an event?

Sponsorship has been on my mind lately.

Of course with Super Zoo coming at us like a freight train and with our amazing sponsors on board, I began to wonder why they said yes to sponsoring the WIPIN reception and why others said no. What, exactly is the benefit of sponsoring something?

In full disclosure, we didn’t ask you, nor our members generally, it was more specific this year, but I’ll get to that.

The Better Business Bureau lists 5 main benefits of sponsoring an event…

The top reason is – To Increase Brand Awareness –

This makes sense when you think about it. We no longer see the COKE logo on things because it’s already sunk into our consciousness, and so, it’s familiar, normal, right. And it’s there, always there. We might not notice if it went away (for awhile) and then the brand would fade also.

How much is that worth? What do you think Coke thinks?

Here is where I ask you, Coach that I am, what are you thinking right now? If your answer is, “My brand is not Coke” you are missing a key point. It doesn’t matter how big or small you are, it’s being in front of YOUR audience.

Here is the info from The Better Business Bureau:

Raise brand awareness: This goes without saying. Businesses sponsor events because it puts their brand in the spotlight for the event. It may not mean a financial gain for the company but it certainly puts the brand in front of people. It creates positive PR and raises awareness of the organization as a whole and enhances brand credibility.

Notice that it states: This may not mean a financial gain. One thing I have learned is that when we equate everything with the idea that it must bring a financial gain, we miss out.

Rarely do you gain at the moment, even when you make a sale. The gain is in the long term, in the reputational capital you gain, in the relationships and relational capital and when someone decides to be loyal to you by continually doing business with you. This is the goal.

Here is another reason to sponsor from the BBB:

Emotional connection: People often spend with their heart. Making an emotional connection to purchases builds brand loyalty. Seeing your brand connected to nonprofit drives this connection for consumers. Quite simply, it shows your brand cares enough to get involved at the community level. Your brand becomes more appealing.

The Brands sponsoring the WIPIN reception this year all have a commitment to supporting women leaders in the pet industry. (So check them out!) They are stating with their sponsorship that what we are doing is important, that they want to make certain women are giving the same opportunities and they know doing things to help the pet space helps them.

Now on to why I didn’t ask you, or our members in general. Women in The Pet Industry Network is morphing. We have been at this awhile now and it’s time this network, and me, shifted the focus a bit. Play bigger, realize that to help you more we need to be different, better.

If you are curious or want to be a part of the metamorphosis, email me, this is an exciting time and though we’re not in a hurry, it is happening.

Please check out our sponsors, and if you are attending the reception, please thank them, spread the word about them and realize, it’s a smart and savvy business philosophy. So what will you sponsor?

Shawna Schuh, CSP
“Make It Magnificent!”

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The Weekly – The Pet Event Success Process

Super Excited About Super Zoo?

I’ve been thinking about Super Zoo – The huge expo that the World Pet Association hosts every summer in Vegas. Summer in Vegas? I know, but air conditioning is a pleasure, isn’t it?

Women in the Pet Industry Network hosts (along with amazing sponsors) a reception that has been hugely popular with our members and everyone else who attends!

And what is hugely popular and how can you use a networking event to your advantage?

First, Hugely Popular (to myself and WIPIN) is having the right people in the same room so they can connect for mutual benefit. The fact we have several hundred people attend may make it appear to be a huge success, however the real success is when people actually connect rather than simply attend.

Next – The reception WIPIN holds (and all receptions) are only successful for YOU when you attend them with the right intent.

If you are thinking to yourself right now, “I go to meet people of course” You may benefit the most from this post.

Meeting people is really a surface goal – though a good start. If you only intend to meet people you may put yourself out more than usual by engaging in more conversations.

What I mean by intent is that you are more focused on going deep versus going wide.

Going wide – meet as many people as I can, give them my card, get theirs and see what opportunities present themselves to help me.

Going deep – Determine what kind of person would be most interesting or beneficial to know and develop a relationship with.

Then: Decide to open myself up to observe, maybe do a little discovery on who is attending Super Zoo that I would love to help (What? Think about doing something for someone first? – Fantastic strategy)

Next: Open myself up to be present and ask questions of others way more than talk about myself.

Right there in those three steps you have the going deep process. Of course there are more variables, there are thinking and position strategies, however the shift right at the start from meeting many to connecting with the right people is HUGE.

In this post, we will also introduce you to some of the sponsors – and they are over the top amazing and connected – so another strategy is getting to know them well, after all, they are stepping up in a huge way to serve you!

Hoping to connect with you at this year’s Super Zoo!

Shawna Schuh, CSP
“Make It Magnificent!”

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Will you be speaking, exhibiting or attending?

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The Weekly – What Agreements Have You Made with Yourself?

What do you do with Rude People?

Don Miguel Ruiz wrote the book, “The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom” in 1997 and it’s still one of those books I will review and recommend to this day, and here is why it may be time for you to dip your toes into this deep and refreshing pool of wisdom.

Let me give them to you in the simplest form so you can think about them and if you are living them and why one I’m going to stress today could be the key to higher levels of success for you and your business.

The Four Agreements:

  1. Be Impeccable with Your Word
  2. Don’t Take Anything Personally
  3. Don’t Make Assumptions
  4. Always Do Your Best

Today let’s unpack number 2 – Don’t take anything personally. Oh how I wish this were easy, but I have found that it’s not.

So here are some tips you can use immediately to help you when:

  • Someone does not like your selections, or taste, or offer or service.
  • A person tells you something that feels hurtful or unkind
  • You ask for someone’s opinion and they give what you consider brutal feedback
  • Someone cuts you off mid-sentence or on the freeway
  • The person you are trying to serve is distracted or rude

ALL of these actions are about THEM – not you, not ever.

Then the question becomes how do I deal with this person?

(I really wanted to say, rude or uninformed person – but wouldn’t that be a judgment?) Alas, my humanness is ever present!

The two tools or tactics I use (and which have helped me in countless ways) are:

1.  Simply say, “Thank you”  And stop talking.


They will be startled no doubt, they may continue on with their thoughts or tirade for a moment however since you have not defended yourself or your business or actions, you’ve simply thanked them, the exchange will end soon.

Saying thank you for any feedback, criticism or rude behavior is not normal so it will help you to – stay calm and allow them to stop. Remember this is NOT about you, so saying, “Thank you.” or even, “Thank you for being yourself” will make this exchange less painful and maybe help the other person become more aware.

2. If Thank You isn’t appropriate and they are actually mad, or brutal in their feedback, you can then simply say, “Forgive me”



Remember this is not about you, but when you ask for forgiveness for things that aren’t about you, it stops the other person from continuing – it puts the ball in their court and what kind of person doesn’t forgive someone else? Not one you want in your life or business, right?

Note, that I did not suggest you say, “I’m sorry” you may and probably aren’t sorry and that sometimes keeps the other person going with, “You should be!” When you say, “Forgive me? Or Please Forgive me?” you have stopped them and asked them a question which shifts the energy.

There is one last thing I sometimes do… it’s kind of silly but has helped me when I’m in a group, I put on an invisible suit of armor– no one can see it but nothing negative is getting in! That way I can stick to this wonderful and life changing agreement to:

Not Take Anything Personally

Your feedback is always welcome! And – I won’t take it personally!

Blessings, Shawna

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