The Weekly – Are you Asking Bad Questions?

The Real Question Behind The Question

By now you know I ask a lot of questions. As I’ve lived and gained wisdom it’s become apparent that a good question can be the key to, might I say with confidence, EVERYTHING?

Good questions have lead to nearly if not all discoveries (I wonder what would happen if we…)

And most amazing relationships, (Wanna go out with me, or have lunch with me or share a ride?)

They gain us business, (What are you looking for? What result are you after? How can I serve you?)

Recently I was asked a bad question….

And it was a question, so I felt compelled to answer it, even though I don’t think the asker wanted an answer, they really wanted to make a point. Right there is when you will know you are asking bad questions.

When you don’t want an answer, you want to make the other person feel bad, or squirm, or make yourself appear superior in some way. I know that this is hard to admit, however, read the questions and you may find you are asking some bad questions.

Here aisa list of poor questions you would do  yourself a favor by NEVER asking –

(Note: I will not go into how to answer these poor questions here – since there are multiple ways and the space here, and your time is limited)

Why would you do that? Why are you doing that? Tell me why?

These questions are not meant to get an answer, you are simply asking these types of questions out of astonishment and it leaves the other person no place to go.

What is your company doing about…? What are you doing about…? How can you allow…?

These questions are usually meant to shame, belittle or make the asker feel superior since it is assumed they are doing something about whatever it is. Will asking these questions ever get you help, or support? Unlikely.

Who told you to do that? What were you thinking? How could you have thought that was okay?

If you’ve uttered these questions to a teammate/employee, or a child or lover, it’s a direct accusation that they did something wrong and you really only want them to know it through asking an unanswerable question.

When the bad question came to me, from someone I didn’t know, I realized they more than likely didn’t know it was such a bad/poor question. I am uncertain of their intent, though not to help me is fairly certain.

My goal in sharing these less than stellar questions is to HELP YOU! Next time you are about to ask one of the above, stop  yourself and ask yourself this question first. Do I need to say anything? And if I do, what would be a better question than these?

Note: I help professionals all the time with these types of situations through Ignite Coaching. You can set up a free discovery session here.

 Shawna Schuh, CSP 
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Pet Women Weekly – Are You Rightsizing Your Life?

Dear Pet Lover,

How do you keep things in order?

 It’s the end of May – 5 months flew by in 2017 and now it’s spring and some people do spring cleaning, how about you?

 The 3rd virtue from Benjamin’s 13 Virtues is about order. And what is order expect this – from Benjamin:

Order: Let all your Things have their Places. Let each part of your business have it’s time.

When working with my coaching clients we often speak about how they can re-order things in their lives and businesses to be more excellent, to be more productive, to enjoy more of the life they are creating.

 In hopes to keep you focused and in the ORDERLY mindset here’s a couple of things to think about and incorporate into your thinking and day:

 1. Is there a place for everything?

This is probably the best question to ask for every item you keep at home and work. If there isn’t a place for something, it’s the cue to get a place.

2. Do I need this?

One thing that I’m asking more and more is: Do I need what I’m about to purchase, or what I already have? What is happening more and more (that I ask the question) – is no, I really don’t and it’s such a freeing feeling!

3. What would make this better?

This is a question I ask a lot and one that helps me do things better, think through things clearer and produce better results. And if that’s not order, I don’t know what it.

These three questions help me RIGHTSIZE my work and life, as this month comes to a close, may it help you right size too.

 Blessings, Shawna

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Pet Women Weekly – Do You Want to be Remembered?

 Dear Pet Lover,

What is Memorial Day For?


This coming weekend most of us, in America will be enjoying a 3 day holiday. And it’s interesting to me that most of us don’t know or care why. So that got me thinking and Googling…

Here’s some info you might find as interesting as I did:

 Memorial Day

It is traditional to fly the flag of the United States at half-staff from dawn until noon. Many people visit cemeteries and memorials, particularly to honor those who have died in military service. Many volunteers place an American flag on each grave in national cemeteries. Memorial Day is combined with Jefferson Davis’ Birthday in Mississippi.

Memorial Day has become less of an occasion of remembrance. Many people choose to hold picnics, sports events and family gatherings on this weekend. This day is traditionally seen as the start of the summer season for cultural events. For the fashion conscious, it is seen as acceptable to wear white clothing, particularly shoes from Memorial Day until Labor Day. However, fewer and fewer people follow this rule and many wear white clothing throughout the year.

So that explains my mother’s insistence on no white prior to June! What it also explains is how we’ve taken a day that was set aside to REMEMBER those brave souls fallen in battle, to a long weekend to kick off summer.

 Is this a bad thing?

This would be for you and your family to decide. I do think that most of our youth are unaware of some things our parents and grandparents held very dear. Like memorial day.

So, this post is not an admonishment to you, it’s not a call to action either.

I hope it’s both informational and question forming.

Do I want to share what this day was really set aside for?

Is there someone in my life I want to honor and remember this coming Monday?

Do I want to be remembered after I’m gone? If so how?

Regardless of your answers, I wish for you a weekend that reminds you how free we are in America to do as we please and that many many souls died for that freedom. Cemeteries all over this nation will fly flags honoring those souls and for that I am glad.

Blessings, Shawna


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Pet Women Weekly – Will You Practice Self-Restraint?

Dear Pet Lover,

It’s a Temperance Week!

We are embarking on Benjamin Franklin’s 13 Virtues for the accountability group I lead, Monday through Friday at 5:15 AM – yes, you read that right, 5:15 AM.

One reason these leaders get up so early is because they seek to accomplish more, become more, experience more than they did before. It works, and has been working for the 10 years I’ve been leading it.

Each year we follow Benjamin Franklin and do 13 weeks of his virtues. I thought I’d extend it out to you as well. Though you won’t have the benefit of daily reflection (though please do that on your own) you can benefit from exposure to what Ben thought a person needed in which to live a fully realized and wonderful life.

Some of the words are old-fashioned but all of them stand the test of time.

The first one is: Temperance

The meaning of temperance is: moderation or self-restraint, especially in eating and drinking

Think about that for a moment.

How much better we would be if we showed temperance. Yes, in our eating and drinking but if we also showed this is our business dealings.

Temperance in judging others – especially our customers, competitors and team.

Temperance in spending – so we kept expenses in line with our budgets and goals.

Temperance in consuming media – and only allowed into our minds the very best information and not what the media pushes so relentlessly upon us.

What if, you practiced temperance the rest of this week? What might that do for your business?

Let me know how it goes!

Blessings, Shawna

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Pet Women Weekly – You are a Gift! So Let Me Give You One!

Giving to You Makes Me Happy!


The day a person is born is a day for celebration. The woman who labored to bring this life forth. The man who provided the seed, the family that welcomes and loves the new addition – celebration! And the infant knows nothing of it.

Later that “birth day” – becomes their celebration. They turn another year older, have traversed the world for an additional 365 days, hopefully provided value or love to others.

And they get gifts.

 Gifts and cake are two very fun things about birthdays I think.

 Now, however, as I’m adding numbers up, gifts mean something different. Cake, though – that is a constant delight!

 For me now, the gifts I most relish are not things, they are people, experiences, pleasures.

 YOU are a gift – being in my circle, reading my words, commenting, sharing, encouraging. Thank you for that!

 Now I want to give you a gift. It’s a task actually, that as you do it will make the world a better place and also help you have the best day of your life.

 Ready? Here is the gift:

For the rest of this day, no matter who you meet or talk to, tell that person: “YOU are Important!”

When you do this you will be sprinkling magic out that will have remarkable effects.

You are important to this business

You are important to this company

You are doing important work

You are important to the world

You are important to others

You are important to this organization

You are important to the community

You are important to this family

You are important to me

Because it’s true.

People, however, need to hear it and you are just the person to share it.

Please use this gift to have the best day ever and let me know how it goes for you. That will be the best birthday gift I could receive.

Thank you, I’m off to eat cake!

Oh – Happy St. Paddys Day too!

Blessings, Shawna




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