The Weekly – Bored of Directors? OR Board of Directors?

Who helps you think better? Just recently I met with my board of directors and it was anything but boring! Do you have a group of like-minded, same level leaders to help you tweak, morph and grow? Something that can be of huge value to you, and be a lot of fun too, is creating […]

The Weekly – Working it Right At Networking Events

Attending an event where you know there will be influencers and buyers or potential partners can be fraught with peril – unless you plan! Pets And Money is going to be an awesome event yet, how you feel about it and the results you glean from it have a lot to do with how you […]

The Weekly – What Happens When You Go Away?

Is Your Business Self-Managing? This week I’m actually at a business retreat in Hawaii. Tough life I have, I know… And this ezine is still being delivered, the horses and pets still being fed and business is still getting done. How does that happen without stress or concern? There are various things that help you […]

The Weekly – Do You Have A Learning Plan?

Planning on Learning or Letting it Happen? I don’t remember the expert, John Maxwell, maybe? Anyways, the young professional is sitting with the wise older man whom he admired when the older man asks the younger one, “Do you have a learning plan?” Uncertain how you feel about point-blank questions but as I remember it, […]


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The Weekly – What Are You Going As?

How is Wearing a Mask Working for You? Today is Halloween and if you’ve been capitalizing on this season you are dressed up today. If so, good for you – and does your team know your vision? That may seem an odd question on a costume day but it really isn’t. A day like Halloween […]

The Weekly – The Challenge with Communication…

Do you think You Communicate Well? This quote is something I’ve been saying a long time, “The Challenge with Communication is the Illusion that it’s been achieved.” I lifted and altered it after reading this quote from George Bernard Shaw, “The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” Regardless […]

The Weekly – When is your scheduled planning time?

Sometimes does it feel like you’re overscheduled? Benjamin Franklin is reported to have said something you no doubt have heard before – “Failing to plan is planning to fail,” Do you believe it, do you live it? When do you schedule your planning? – With our calendars so overscheduled anyway, how do we fit planning […]

Monday Mindset: Start your week off well! What or who would you take?

What or who would you take? What is your intention for the week? Ask yourself… What do you value most? What is the first thing (or person) you would take if the house caught fire? Do you have a friend that could use a boost? Share with them how they could learn how to Ignite […]

The Weekly – H.O.T. Communication

3 points to make your points stronger A stumbled across a quote about communication that is clever and may be a way for you to improve your communication, with, like, everyone. It’s from Dan Oswald who has been the Chief Executive Officer of Business & Legal Resources, Inc. since 2011 and is kind of a […]