Membership Investment

ONLY $167 per year

  • Leadership Development - Monthly Skill build video
  • Member Partnerships/Collaborations
  • Marketing & Networking Opportunities at live events and online
  • Advertising & Sponsorship Opportunities - Connect with Influencers
  • Member Discounts & Perks
  • The Members-only Facebook Group
  • Top Women in the Pet Industry Magazine - Gain Higher Visibility
  • Pet Industry Woman of the Year Opportunities
  • Meetups at Trade Shows
  • Member Events

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any hidden costs to joining?

Never! Once you pay your  yearly fee – the only other costs would be for additional promotion you decide to participate in.

NOTE: Your investment in WIPIN highly beneficial for all the benefits and promotion you receive. Hard to beat a deal like that – even if you don’t use it to it’s full potential – and think what will happen when you do??

What is the magazine all about?

Glad you asked! The Top Women in the Pet Industry Magazine is building a reputation of excellence and reach. Nearly 2.5 million have viewed our various magazines.

There are two magazines produced a year: Spring into Action and the Winter Winner’s Issue that features the newest Pet Industry Woman of the Year.

We make the price ridiculously low – ($250 for TWO FULL pages) and you get a member discount on top of that! Each issue has new profile questions and a new theme so it’s fresh for you to use.

Can I cancel my membership anytime?

Though we can’t image why you ever would – of course you can! The yearly fee won’t be returned but you don’t have to play if you don’t want to and you can always simply not renew when your anniversary date arrives.

Can I market to members?

This is a no no in WIPIN. We simply believe that the best way to build business is to give first and often. So if you want other members to do business with you, be active, offer suggestions on the private FB page, become known as the expert you are. Then members will seek you out and want to do business with you or partner with you.


If you’ve read everything so far – or if you’re only reading this – you now know that this is the most unique, loving and supportive network you’ll find in the pet space. Please join only if you have the mindset and heart to grow, give and connect. Mean girls and those focused solely on themselves don’t really fit in – but that’s not you, is it?

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