Is Time Running Out on Us?

Confession. I’m sorta over all of us constantly saying, “Didn’t this year go fast?”  I’m also someone who has caught themselves saying it! Multiple times.

Another thing I’d like to be over is how many electronic platforms I have to keep track of, and how fast they blow into the wind like the dandelions on my farm.

What makes us think the time is going so fast? My hunch is that it’s all we are cramming into our lives, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes.

Before electronics, we sat on the toilet in public bathrooms in silence. Sometimes that felt like forever… I digress…

Here’s a couple of ways I think we can slow down. These are things that work for me and I would love you to give them a go and let me know how they work for you. My hope is that you will stop saying, “Didn’t this year go fast?” and start saying “This was a perfect moment!”

  1. Stick your nose into something that, to you, smells wonderful. The act of putting your full face into something and taking a long, deep breath could be just the thing to help that moment shine. My favs are: The neck of a horse, sun ripe blackberries, or garden-raised roses.
  2. Brush out your dog, cat, or horse. Your act of service to these animals does so many things for you. It’s calming, it’s cleansing, the pet loves it, and your mind will slow down as you stroke the warm body under your hands.
  3. Gaze with the intent to see.  We look at things all the time and neglect to really see them. Your phone for instance. If I held it from you, could you tell me all the apps listed on your home page? Probably not (you’re trying to right now, aren’t you?)  If I test myself, I can only say for sure what’s in the far corners, well, except one… so if you want to relish time, and have perfect moments, gaze at something and really see it.
  4. Gaze at a tree and find 3 or more things you didn’t notice before. Look at a picture and note all the elements you may have overlooked. Have someone close their eyes and describe to them something ordinary (without naming it) and see if you captured the essence of it enough for them to guess it’s identity.

These things don’t take a lot of time, however, they help time reorder itself and in the process, you.

What do you do to relish the moments? I would love to know and if these ideas work for you as they do for me.

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