How Do You Make Decisions?

Decisions happen daily – and how do we make them?

Recently I made a decision that hurts my heart. Does that happen to you?

How do you overcome that pit of your gut feeling from a decision you made?

Maybe it’s not something you can overcome, rather it’s something you ponder, act on and live with.

The decision I made was to give my beloved hogster, Herbert, to a home that had another pig so he could have friends and a better life.

The reasoning behind this decision was pondered, considered, weighed and discussed with multiple people whom I respect and trust and yet, and yet, not an easy decision; not one I ever thought I would make.

Yet, this decision once made and carried out turned out to be a lovely thing for Herbert. He was given to a home of pet lovers who had a single female pig also looking for a friend.

And I miss him.

Herbert is better off, I’m happy that it worked out for him, and now I’m living with it.

Some decisions, even those that are sound and right and in the right spirit, simply hurt your heart. There is nothing you can do about heart hurts except let them heal. I’ve also learned they hurt less when you know the decision was right for the other party.

If you have a way you heal your heart when decisions you make, though good, still twist your insides, I would love to hear about them.

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