Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use the membership best?

This is a great question! Though we don’t sell to each other – when you help by giving information or sharing resources, members get to know you and naturally want to do business with those they know.

So the VERY BEST way to play in WIPIN is to engage and give – this positions you as an expert, shows  you understand reciprocity and allows others to want to know you. It???s the pull philosophy of engagement and it works.

What’s the first thing I should do as a member?

Make sure you join the private and active Facebook Page!

There is so much to learn, share, gain and engage in there.

You can introduce yourself – offer suggestions, ask questions and learn about other members. Plan to spend about 15-30 minutes a week scrolling through and adding in – you’ll learn a lot and it will teach you who you want to engage with more.

Then: Put your WIPIN Member Badge on your website – and email signature to gain credibility and cross promote

How do I access the Private Facebook Page?

Is it really worth going to the PIWY Awards Show?

The best way to answer this question is to encourage you to ask members who have attended and who wouldn’t miss it each year. It’s an annual Awards Show, it’s intimate, powerful and life-changing!

There are sessions designed for you to set your goals with accountability to help you attain them. The topics are all about helping you lead better and grow your business.

How do I find out about live meet ups and industry events WIPIN is involved with?

A couple of ways –

First – it’s almost always posted in the private Facebook page – and people ask for help, roommates and plan meetings.

We also sometimes send out a notice asking members who is not only attending but exhibiting – so we can help members find each other.

How do I advertise on the WIPIN website?

Contact Shawna at: and she’ll go over details – we are in the process of doing more and more SEO and our pages views keep growing so this is a smart strategy to differentiate yourself and your pet business.

What are the cross promotion opportunities through WIPIN?

So glad you asked this question! Cross promotion is key to use the network because as you engage and participate, you go out to all the other members lists and networks so it expands rapidly.

Be in the Top Women in the Pet Industry Magazine – Cross promotion at it’s best!

Sponsor a live event – the postcards and social media that go out around these reaches thousands.

Gain visibility through sponsorship at the conference – where real partnerships are secured.

How do I update my member profile?

If you have branding, new bios, new headshots to add to your member directory – email them to and she will take care of it for you.


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