Food for the Soul

Am I the only one thinking about food this month?

It seems you can’t turn around without seeing turkey, fixins and pies in abundance. In a loose poll I’m conducting in a very unscientific manner, I’m finding that many people love Thanksgiving more than any other holiday.

Reasons given:

It’s a time to gather with others without the expectation of presents;

The food is fantastic;

It’s time to go home or stay home;

The smells, the colors and fall clothes;

Football; and


Here’s a quote from Dorothy Day that may spark some new thinking,

“Food for the body is not enough. There must be food for the soul.” 

What are your customers expecting from you this month of abundance?

What if you did something decidedly different so that you stand out with your pack?

  1. Put a quote card in every bag or purchase
  2. Answer the phone with a compelling question rather than hello
  3. Set up a smile contest
  4. Ask for a joke to be told to get a surprise

These types of activities make you and your business stand out, become memorable, and help feed the souls of everyone you touch. Now that’s food for thought!

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I adore you!

Shawna Schuh, CSP

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