Did You Get Too Much Advice Last Week?


Sometimes at holiday gatherings, people like to tell other people what to do, how to do it, or even, what the other person is doing wrong (in their opinion…)

If you got too much advice last week (along with turkey) – on anything or everything – here’s a statement one of my clients shared that I loved.

“Don’t take advice from someone not living the life you want.” 

Now that’s advice I will take!

When someone is telling me how healthy they are, and all about their new diet, I take a good look at their weight, their skin and habits. If they’re not living the life I want I simply smile and walk away.

Getting relationship advice from a person in a rocky relationship, or from someone who has never had a good relationship is probably not your best use of time.

And I won’t even bring up – parenting advice, pet behavior advice, or even those determined to tell you how to style or organize something. Because clearly, what works for them is not guaranteed to work for you.

What you might think about instead. 

Observe those living the lifestyle you covet. Those with good habits that you can see, strong relationships across the board, and a generous spirit and instead of taking advice, begin to ask:

  • About their thinking.
  • About their habits and routines.
  • How they continue to improve.
  • If they can impart some wisdom in an area they do well.

Here is the caveat. Don’t ask those that aren’t living the life you want!

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I adore you!

Shawna Schuh, CSP

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