Deciding to do things differently

Exciting, terrifying, enticing and maybe even mundane… all of those things and whatever else you decide to create!

The more we interact with the world, the more we come to realize how vast the opinions and lives of others are.

Watching any kind of series or film nowadays, I’m shocked and troubled by the amount of nudity, sex, violence, foul language, and all the intimate details we as a viewer are exposed to.

What has happened to the values and morals which seemed to be the glue that made living in society safer, calmer, better?

Remember when speaking about politics was interesting rather than combative?

My mother and father were people of high integrity and values. If my brother or I didn’t conduct ourselves well in public, my mother would escort us out of the situation, and everyone went home. No arguing, no yelling, no threats, just a clear message that what was happening was inappropriate, and not going to be tolerated.

The films and limited television we watched left things to our imagination — and what a rich, full level of imagination we gained!

Live so that when your children think of fairness and integrity, they think of you.

~H. Jackson Browne, Jr.

Why do I bring this up at the beginning of this new year and new decade? Because how we live is up to us.

If you have a dog, you know that consistency, clear communication and keeping focused on rules works wonders. It shapes how well behaved, how much joy, and how easy it is to be in the world with your pet.

So here’s a challenge I want to put out to the world. Can you do that with yourself? Can you do that with your human family and friends? 

Why not decide today to:

  • Keep quiet about the intimate details of your life.
  • Allow your voice to stay calm as you encounter others doing irritating things.
  • Remove yourself and your two and four-legged friends out of a poor situation.
  • Only speak good and positive words without the foul ones slipping in.
  • Think and act reasonably. We share this earth after all.

It’s called guarding your mind. It’s your mind, and what you allow in matters.

Let me know what you do to guard your mind. We can all help each other, yes?

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