5 Tips To Being A Healthy Business Owner

Posted by newadmin on  July 10, 2019

Being a full-time freelancer or business owner is a treat, yes? If you work from home the commute is stress-free. Your refrigerator is close at hand and you don’t have to worry about your co-workers stealing your yogurt.  You are the master of your own schedule and your own hours. Ideal, right? Now let’s turn this around just a bit. With no commute and working from home I could potentially shuffle from my bed to
Risk Taking and Relaxing, Can They Go Together? Mona Straub is a giver, a risk taker, and funny. This interview shares a few tips not discussed before. Enjoy these lessons from a woman who knows much about much! Watch it now. Stay tuned for more leadership interviews as our series continues. Are you a leader in the Pet Industry? Do you want to apply to be interviewed for the series? Setup a Leadership Interview Application Call with
The Latest Magazine of Top Women in the Pet Industry is OUT! Just in time for the, stay inside where it’s cool and read season, you have inspiration a click away! Yeah!The Latest Issue of the Bi-Annual Top Women in the Pet Industry Magazine is ready for you to view, learn from and enjoy. These are women doing wonderful things – read on! Download the latest issue here And to continue the love… Here are
Are you living memorably? What is your intention for the week? Ask yourself… How do you want to be remembered? Are you acting in a way to make those memories?   Those wanting to leave a legacy usually like help developing it and coaching can be the perfect vehicle to help this happen. If you want to live your best life and know you could benefit from having a partner to help you – give
How do you handle it? My car was acting a little off – it’s an older car without all the high tech panels so all I had to go on was the heat gauge arrow that kept rising and rising into that dreaded red zone. I have a newer truck and I realized that I am living in a false sense of security with it. I have no worries UNLESS something shows up on the
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