If you have ever wondered, “Why do I feel this way physically?” you will love reading Lisa Blaurock’s story about how she learned about allergy testing, and how to make it affordable. These tests helped her, her daughter and her pets! This story will inspire you to do the testing that will help you, your human family and your four-legged family too. We are a better industry because of people like Lisa.  Enjoy her story. Be seen, secure your
As we evolve and get closer to what you want most, we are redefining our value to you. Your support and encouragement has been outstanding. When you take the time to respond to a question I’ve asked or a challenge I’ve posed, you allow me to fine tune what I write, how I write it, and how it impacts you and the world. So, going forward, I am officially changing the name of my blog
Where do you live from? Set your intention. Ask yourself: Do you live from the inside out or the outside in?  Which place seems most important?    A Favorite Mind-Setting Quote: “Every man is the painter and sculptor of his own life.” ~St. John Chrysostom   If you dig my writing/thoughts, forward this to a friend. New to it. Sign up here. Feel like you may be missing something? Schedule a FREE exploratory session with me.
We interrupt our regularly scheduled Leader Feature to check in with you. Does it feel like the world flipped over on it’s side this past weekend? Wow! Our focus is YOU. To that end let’s do two things: Connect with each other. You are not alone. We are here, and so are the other members. Use this network to connect during these isolating times. The WIPIN Members-Only Facebook page is a place to share your challenges, ideas
According to my trusty online dictionary, fear is defined as an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat. Does this describe the current state of affairs or what?  Are you feeling fearful? If you are, and it’s likely you may be, is this the state you want to remain in? Are you ready to shift to new thinking that will help you? I am not afraid.

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