You’re here!  You want to figure out what this pet industry network is all about. How could it benefit you? Who are these women (and some men) who belong? What do they do?

The Women in the Pet Industry Network mission: We exist to help ALL categories in the pet industry foster giving, growing and connecting for mutual benefit.

What that means for you is this: It matters not if you are pet retail, pet manufacturing, pet sitting, pet walking, pet promotion, veterinarian, a pet detective or support the pet business professional – as long as you have the right focus – to Give First, Grow Continually and Connect over things that matter – you are welcome, no, encouraged to join us!

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An Unlikely Partnership

January 27, 2016

Friends for the Duration

Chester is a seven-year-old Nubian goat  – Herbert is a two-year-old mini Hogster and they are friends, they are buddies, they are partners now and truly watch each others’ back. If you see one, you’re likely to see the other – and it happened through need, proximity and a spirit I love in pets, acceptance.

Chester was living in his goat-tel alone and goats don’t really like being a lone – Herbert was growing up living in my office at night and roaming the hill between the barn and the house during the day.Read More »

dog in car

Keeping Focused on What is Most Beautiful in Your Business!

January 20, 2016

The Tiniest Things Can Ruin the Experience

 Rental cars are cool because you get the latest models and can check out all the new technology. The last one I rented had a push button start.  You may already have a push button automobile but I don’t – I have several vehicles and all of them are stick shift – so I use both legs and arms to get them going and rolling.

My delight and surprise at not even using a key in the car was high that first moment. I put my foot on the brake – and attempted to put in the clutch – (habits!) and pushed the button and bingo this car started. I slipped the key into my bag since there was no need for it.

Then the next time I got in to start this punch button car – it wouldn’t start – nothing, nada, multiple attempts and ever higher frustration. I had two of my associates in the car and so of course – We got on Google to help ourselves. Twenty minutes later we were still sitting in this push button car going no where.Read More »


Are You Missing A Simple Opportunity To Shine In Your Business?

January 13, 2016

Picture this: An intimate dinner with a lovely man at a posh restaurant. Dim lighting, we’re nicely dressed and it’s a high end feel and price. We were in no hurry and decided to begin with an appetizer.

Shrimp was on the menu so we ordered that and a glass of wine. When the order came out it was displayed well – a large succulent shrimp nestled in a mini bed of flavorful rice. And there were three servings. And there were two of us.Read More »

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