You’re here!  You want to figure out what this pet industry network is all about. How could it benefit you? Who are these women (and some men) who belong? What do they do?

The Women in the Pet Industry Network mission: We exist to help ALL categories in the pet industry foster giving, growing and connecting for mutual benefit.

What that means for you is this: It matters not if you are pet retail, pet manufacturing, pet sitting, pet walking, pet promotion, veterinarian, a pet detective or support the pet business professional – as long as you have the right focus – to Give First, Grow Continually and Connect over things that matter – you are welcome, no, encouraged to join us!

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Be SEEN in Top Women In The Pet Industry Magazine

September 21, 2015

Interested in being seen by thousands of women and pet industry professionals across North America? Then you need to be a part of the Winter Edition of Top Women In The Pet Industry Magazine! Click here for all of the details.

Blog With A Purpose

September 25, 2015

Post By WIPIN Magazine Editor ~ Director of Content, Robbi Hess

Do you blog with purpose? What do I mean by that? What I mean is, do you know who your audience is and to whom you’re writing? Do you have a focus on a particular niche area when you blog? Do you blog about myriad topics and have dozens of categories on your blog? If a potential client comes to your site will he or she know:

  • What exactly does this person do?
  • Can he or she help me?
  • Do they have expertise in the area that I need help with?

If you look at your blog and aren’t certain those questions can be answered, you may want to look at these tips, brainstorm with a friend and come up with a way to blog with purpose. Here are my tips to find your purpose.

Have a mission statement

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Extra Smart Ideas from Super Smart Women

September 9, 2015

The energy and excitement just kept mounting at the Women in the Pet Industry Conference & Awards show that just wrapped up on the 15th.

I knew we had a line up of speakers that was exceptional and I knew they were bringing their best – but even I was surprised and delighted by not only the content, but the giving, the sharing, the really heartfelt encouragement of each other.

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